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What if everyone knew precisely what to say in every situation?

Customers tend to ask the same questions and pose the same objections around your products and services. As a company, you know how those questions should be answered, but does everyone on your team? How do you teach them quickly and effectively, ensuring they retain what they have learned?  How do you know who is ready and who isn’t?

Patented Solution

Practis uses customer simulations and guided repetition to prepare your teams for critical sales interactions.

Our patented software codifies and activates your company’s “best practice” external communications into script-based, customer interaction scenarios. Your front-line teams then engage with those scenarios within an app-based, customer interaction simulator.  With a little bit of learning science, they will internalize that messaging over time so that they can articulate it with confidence and clarity.


Content repository housing your core product, positioning, value & differentiation messaging.


Served up in a mobile-learning modality founded upon repetition leading to mastery.


Gain visibility into team compliance and capability.

Why Practis?

An Indispensable Toolset
for Sales & Support Leaders

Verify that everyone is on message.

Make sure they know what you want them to say, and that the message is communicated with consistency across the entire organization.

Spot the rockstars and assist the weak performers.

Quickly identify those who know it cold and those needing prompting or feedback.

Stop burning leads.

Leads are precious and costly.  Don’t allow them to be squandered simply because your people are not properly prepared to successfully engage with your customers.

Not rocket science. Learning science.

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